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Welcome to Week 54!

Author: Staff

Welcome to Week 54!

Did you know that there is an in-depth and extensive website library with hundreds of dog training and behavior articles at Visit the library and take a look at the vast array of subjects we've covered to help you and your dog stay on the path of success!

Dog training starts with science, the mechanics behind the steps and tools. Then, because you're teaching a living, breathing, feeling creature there is the art of how you communicate these steps and tools to your dog. Just like you learn differently from your sister, father, spouse or co-worker, so does your dog. It's the art that takes the science and makes it understandable, fun to learn, and quicker to absorb. There are teaching skills beyond the world of a command. Read more in this week's Training For Success column, "The Science and Art of Dog Training."

Don't wait until your dog becomes seriously aggressive before seeking help. Heed the warning signs. There are some television shows that might lead you to believe that trying your own homemade solutions, and probably outdated ones at that, until you are out of ideas and the aggression has grown into "red dog" status is ok because a walk, a hand poke, and some forced lying down will start to resolve the problem. Never let aggression get to the "red dog" state; never let your dog develop behavior issues that lead to aggression. Let's look at some of the common pitfalls in this week's Understanding Your Pet, "Don't Wait Until Your Dog Becomes Aggressive."

You and your dog are in the park when suddenly she rolls in a very smelly and dirty puddle or you spot some strange droppings, probably raccoon or deer, and she rubs her face all over them, or any number of other things your dog rolls in. Why do dogs roll in stinky things? Find out in this week's Perfect Pet column, "Why Does My Dog Roll in Stinky Things."

Your dog lies down and gives you such a sad face. Well, not really, because you're simply going to ask if she's sad, you're not going to make her sad. And you're going to use your skills to "capture" a behavior. Learn how in this week's Kids & Pets column to teach your dog, "Are You Feeling Sad Today." and want you to have a happy relationship with your dog! We hope you enjoy your Week Fifty-Four issue of

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