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Welcome to Week 52!

Author: Staff

Welcome to Week 52!

Did you know that there is an in-depth and extensive website library with hundreds of dog training and behavior articles at Visit the library and take a look at the vast array of subjects we covered to help you and your dog stay on the path of success!

In Week 50, we talked about how useful it can be to teach your dog to touch your hand with her nose; to teach her "come when called" along with many other behaviors, tasks, and tricks. There are already articles on teaching your dog to "come when called" using hand targeting (Day 14, Training For Success), how to walk next to you (Week 38, Kids & Pets), and how to make eye contact with you when she's stressed (Week 51, Training For Success). This week, let's talk about how to use hand targeting to teach your dog how to walk up or down steps. Read more in this weeks Training For Success column, "Teach Your Dog to Walk Up/Down Steps – Hand Targeting."

O Lord don't let me once forget
How I love my trusty pet
Help me learn to disregard
Canine craters in my yard …
And more in this weeks Understanding Your Pet, "Dog Owner's Prayer."

Around the globe, and in every state of the United States, there are snakes. Some are poisonous, some are not, but all bite and the bite alone can cause serious consequences. Most dogs are bit when they become curious and get too close while trying to investigate a snake. Some dogs are bit when they are running fast and step on or over a snake without even seeing it. How do you prevent your dog from becoming a snakebite victim? We've got ideas for you in this weeks Perfect Pet column, "Snake Avoidance Training."

It's game time! The object of the What Do You Know game is simple: fill in the blanks with the correct word that you've learned from the Kids & Pets column! Read this weeks Kids & Pets, "What Do You Know" to test your knowledge of the dog training! and want you to have a happy relationship with your dog! We hope you enjoy your Week Fifty-Two issue of

Together in success,
The staff of

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