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Welcome to Week 34!

Author: Staff

Welcome to Week Thirty-Four!

Friends, co-workers, television, web sites, DVD's and the family dog when you were 12; these are all potential sources that have contributed in forming your thinking about how you communicate with and train your dog today! Have you spent any time understanding what formed your thoughts about your dog or any dog's behavior? Read more in this week's Understanding My Pet, "Where Does Your Learning Come From" to help you learn more about you and your dog!

Those little round batteries look so harmless. They're found in watches, remote controls, garage door openers, car door keypads, toys, battery-operated candles, and even those musical/talking greeting cards. They may look harmless, but if swallowed they can be deadly! Learn more about lithium battery hazards to your children and your dog in this week's Perfect Pet column, "The Dangers of Lithium Batteries."

Your dog can be the BEST listener! Your dog is interested in what your child reads to her. She likes your child to talk to her and likes to be near your child. When you're child is gone away at school all day, your dog will appreciate the one-on-one time that reading can bring when your child returns home! Your child's reading skill improves, the reading practice homework gets done, all the while your dog enjoys the reading session. What could be better than that? In this week's Kids & Pets, "Reading to Your Dog is Fun."

School is starting and that school bell can signal changes in your home that can set up your dog for separation anxiety! The usual noise and happy chaos of the summer day turns into an empty quiet for your dog when kids head off to school. While you're preparing your child to return to school, take some time to ready your dog for school days! "The School Bell Can Signal Separation Anxiety" in this week's Training For Success column.

The staff of the and community is here to support you! We hope you enjoy this Week Thirty-Four issue of

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