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Welcome to Week 30!

Author: Staff

Welcome to Week Thirty!

Have you ever wondered what all those collar styles are about? There is no need for your dog to wear a spiked collar because there are so many styles! Some are designed for training or walking, traditional or no-pull, step-in harness or wrap around, in so many colors, fabrics, and leathers. Some have more diamonds than you have! Read this week’s Perfect Puppy column, “Collar and Harness Styles.”

We need to talk about your kids learning to respect your dog’s space. A dog is a living, breathing, thinking, feeling creature, not a little human in a fur suit or a stuffed toy. The whole family should sit together and read this week’s Kids & Pets column, “Respect Your Dog’s Space” to help your kids have a safer relationship with your dog!

Is your dog being assertive or aggressive? This week in Training For Success we review the, “Causes of Canine Aggression” to help you understand the many forms of aggression and the underlying causes so you can determine why your dog might be acting aggressively, as well as preventing it from ever starting.

Has your seemingly normal and sweet pup started to blow you off, wander away from you, become easily distracted and all sorts of other behaviors that are driving you to frustration? Well... your dog has become a teenager! In this week’s Understanding Your Puppy column we take a look at, “Help! My Dog is an Adolescent!”

The staff of the and community is here to support you! We hope you enjoy learning from your Week Thirty issue of

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