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Welcome to Week 25!

Author: Staff

Welcome to Week Twenty-Five!

What would you do if your dog was lost or stolen? Hopefully, you’re already a member of so you have their valuable assistance with your search! If not, enroll with them right now! Then read this week’s, “If Your Dog is Lost or Stolen” in the Perfect Puppy column to help you prevent your dog from becoming lost or stolen, as well as suggestions on steps you need to take if that happens!

Have you taught your dog how to shake her head yes? Now you’re ready to teach her how to shake her head no! Line up the kids for a question and answer session with your dog! Read this week’s Kids & Pets column, “Teach Your Dog to Shake Her Head No.”

If you want clear communications with your dog, it’s best to stop saying “no” to your dog and instead tell your dog what to do (rather than what not to do). Just saying “no” isn’t enough to teach your dog what you really want her to do. This week, in Understanding Your Puppy, “No to No.”

Does your dog interrupt your meals when she begs at the table? This week’s Training For Success column talks about, “Table Manners” and what you can do to teach her to stay away from your table during meals.

The staff of and community is here to support you and your dog! Please enjoy your Week Twenty-Five issue of!

Together in success,
The staff of

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