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Welcome to Week 24!

Author: Staff

Welcome to Week Twenty-Four!

If you’re thinking of taking your pup to the dog park, we’ve got lots of tips to get you ready with, “Dog Park Etiquette” in this week’s Perfect Puppy column!

Go ahead and ask your dog a question! She’ll be able to answer by shaking her head, “Yes” and you can amaze your friends! Read this week’s Kids & Pets column, “Teach Your Dog to Shake Her Head Yes.”

Dog training instructors hear it all the time from people; I don’t have the time to practice! They hear this along with a laundry list of everything the person’s dog is doing wrong. There are consequences you’ll have to deal with if you don’t take the time to practice. This week, in Understanding Your Puppy, “I Don’t Have Time to Practice!”

It’s difficult to potty train your pup when you’re gone all day during the workweek. While there isn’t a foolproof way to get you through this challenge, there are some tools that can help you and your pup. This week’s Training For Success column we talk about, “Potty Training When You Work.”

The staff of and community is here to support you and your dog! Please enjoy your Week Twenty-Four issue of!

Together in success,
The staff of

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