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Welcome to Week 22!


Author: Staff

Welcome to Week Twenty-Two!

Ahhh, the dog days of summer and we have some Hot Weather Tips to keep your dog safe in this weeks Perfect Puppy. In this week's Kids & Puppies we have the second of the two-part series on, "Teaching Your Puppy to Play Soccer!" Watch your puppy run the field and make goals!

Your dogs and children are a direct mirror of your energy toward them! Stick your tongue out at your children and they learn to do that to others. Swear at your children and they'll swear at you. Use frustrated energy and yelling at or around your dog and your dog is going to be barky and excitable. Don't like the way your children and dogs act? Be sure their bad behavior isn't a mirror of your bad behavior! Week 22, in Understanding Your Puppy, "Your Dog is Your Mirror!"

Capturing a behavior is a fun way to teach your dog. In this weeks Training For Success column we teach you how to, "Capture that Behavior You Like!"

The and community is here to support you and your puppy! We hope you find your Week Twenty-Two issue to be beneficial for you and your puppy!

Together in success,
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