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Welcome to Week 19!

Author: Staff

Welcome to Week Nineteen!

Got a fussy puppy? Does your puppy look at her food and walk away? In this week’s Perfect Puppy we have tips to help your persnickety puppy with, "My Puppy Doesn’t Like Her Food."

Hours of fun are ahead for your puppy when you teach her to fetch her toys. And that’s exactly what we teach in this week’s Kids & Puppies, "Teaching Your Puppy to Fetch!"

Last week we talked about the fireworks season and how to help your dog through it. This week, in Understanding Your Puppy, we talk about thunderstorms and weather fears. Don’t let your dog suffer through this often-intense fear. We have tips to help you and your dog in, "Thunderstorm Fear."

In the two previous weeks, we’ve talked about leash aggression and teaching an emergency U-turn to get your dog out of potential explosive situations. This week we take a broad look at aggression, various classifications of it, and steps you need to take to resolve it. Everything we’ve been teaching you about good manners, socialization for your pup, and how to understand her have been to help you PREVENT aggression. In the event you suspect you see signs of aggression, this week’s Training For Success column on, "Canine Aggression," will help point you in the direction to recovery.

The and community is here to support you and your puppy! We hope you find your Week Nineteen issue to be beneficial for you and your puppy!

Together in success,
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