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Welcome to Week 18!


Author: Staff

Welcome to Week Eighteen!

Many people have problems with their dogs getting them to stay in the yard and play, preferring instead to follow their human friends back inside the house. Are you one of them? In this week's Perfect Puppy we have tips to help your dog learn to, "Stay Outside and Play."

We teach one of the all time favorite kid (and adult) tricks in this week's Kids & Puppies column. It's, "Bang! You're Dead!" and it’s sure to be hit at upcoming holiday parties.

Speaking of upcoming holidays, it's the fireworks season. Dogs sure hate these noisemakers. It's the busiest season for veterinarians as people seek something to calm their dogs, and the busiest season for shelters as more dogs try to escape the noise and bolt out of doors only to get lost on the streets. In this week's Understanding Your Puppy we have some tips to help you and your dog through the fireworks season.

We talked in Week 17 about, "Leash Aggression." In this week's Training For Success, we teach an, "Emergency U‑Turn" to help you and your reactive dog get safely away from situations when you're out walking her.

The and community is here to support you and your puppy! We hope you find your Week Eighteen issue to be beneficial for you and your puppy!

Together in success,
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