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Welcome to Week 12!

Author: Staff

Welcome to Week Twelve!

If there is one common step that most new students bypass when training their puppies, it's using a "release" hand signal and verbal cue. And it's such an important step! In this week's Perfect Puppy column we talk about the importance in using this step in, "Release Me!"

More Clicker Training in this week's Kids & Puppies column! This week we teach you how to work with your puppy on "drop it." Parents, you need to be part of this lesson with your kids. Everyone get ready!

There can be unexpected challenges when teaching a puppy with short, little legs how to do things like lay down on cue. In this week's Understanding Your Puppy column we talk about this specific challenge with suggestions on how to teach your little pup this very valuable behavior!

Do you need to take back control of your door so your puppy doesn't dash out of it? How would you like your puppy to learn that a door opening means she should move six feet away from the door and wait until you've given her a special hand signal and verbal permission to exit the door? Sounds good, doesn't it! Read this week's Training For Success column to teach your puppy to, "Wait at the Door."

The and community is here to support you and your puppy! Please enjoy your Week Twelve issue!

Together in success,
The staff of

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