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Welcome to Day 20!

Author: Staff

Welcome to Day Twenty!

Does your puppy refuse to walk with you? Is she dragging behind you, apparently fearful of something? Today’s Perfect Puppy, "Defeating the Dragging – When Your Puppy won’t Walk with You" will help you change your reluctant puppy to an enthusiastic walking partner.

Yesterday we began a three‑part series on teaching your puppy to stay. In today’s Training For Success column, "Stay – Part 2" we move on to teaching your puppy how to remain in a “stay” when all else around her is tempting her to move on to something she thinks is more exciting and gratifying!

Before your puppy decides that she needs to bark, lunge or chase after the bicycles in your neighborhood, follow our plan to prevent it in the first place! Socialization For Today teaches you how to acclimate your puppy to, "Bicycles."

Does your puppy prefer to chew your furniture, walls, clothing, laundry or apparently anything other than her toys? Learn more about, "Destructo Dog" in today’s Understanding Your Puppy column!

You’ve learned how to recognize some simple communications your puppy uses with her ears, eyes, fur, tail and mouth! Next we’ll explore body language she uses that are called “calming signals.” These signals are often missed, unless you watch closely for them! You might think she’s yawning because she’s tired, when actually she’s using a “calming signal.” Your Kids & Puppies column today is the first of a two‑part article about, "Your Puppy’s Body Talk."

Please enjoy your Day Twenty newsletter. The staff of is here to support you, your kids and your puppy!

Together in success,
The staff of

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