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Welcome to Day 15!

Author: Staff

Welcome to Day Fifteen!

Yesterday you learned the first steps of teaching your puppy to come to you. Working inside your home teaching her to come using our steps is easy and quick to learn. Next, you need to practice when she is at a distance, for instance, in the backyard. Today's Training For Success column has those next steps with, "Come When Called – Step 2."

Today's Understanding Your Puppy column discusses teaching with consequences. Most every person has an opinion on using consequences, and often misinterprets the use of consequences as discipline. Let's look at the definitions of these two for a minute.
  • Consequence is the resulting effect arising from an action.
  • Discipline usually means the enforcement of a directive through the use of punishment.

We don't talk about discipline, but do believe that consistently defined and correctly executed consequence helps your puppy to better understand you. There are rules to using consequences productively, humanely and effectively. Read today's column, "Teaching Consequences" to learn more.

One of the most common problems people call a dog trainer about is when their puppy starts to guard her food bowl. Rather than waiting for this problem to start, teach her now safe behavior around her food bowl. Today's Perfect Puppy column, "Food Bowl Handling" talks about a simple and effective way to prevent food bowl guarding from starting. You'll want to start this right away with your puppy!

In the continuing series for Kids & Puppies on puppy body language, today we talk about how your puppy might use her fur to communicate her feelings. Read, "What Your Puppy is Trying to Tell You – Fur" in the Kids & Puppies column.

You're reading today's newspaper and when you've finished two sections you notice your puppy leave the room when you snap the paper. The next day you’re reading a magazine, turned several pages when you notice her leave the room again. Several days later you pick up a book and before you've even opened it your puppy bolts out of the room. Many dogs of all ages develop sensitivity to the noise of paper rustling, snapping, and crinkling. Your puppy may become one of them with such sensitive hearing that one day she won't even remain in the room if you pick up a newspaper, notebook, magazine or book. In today's Socialization For Today, "Noise Socialization – Paper" we talk about how to help your puppy understand that paper noises are actually rewarding!

You've received two weeks of daily newsletter lessons, and we sincerely hope that following them every day is teaching you and your puppy to develop a strong foundation and productive learning environment. Please enjoy your Day Fifteen newsletter. The staff of is here to assist you, to help you and your puppy learn together with confidence and positive reinforcement.

Together in success,
The staff of

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