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Welcome to Day 13!

Author: Staff

Welcome to Day Thirteen!

Is your puppy a jumping fool? Does she look like her back feet are spring‑loaded? You're not alone! We have theories on why puppies (and all dogs) jump, but the why is not as important as the how‑to‑stop‑it. Today's Training For Success column, "Why Do Puppies Jump," explains what to do to stop it and how to prevent it!

People have fears using food rewards with their puppies. They think that using a reward is inappropriate and a puppy should be grateful for a home and automatically be willing to learn the training. Heck, some people even think that mama dog tells their puppies how to behave in a house, so training isn't needed! Compulsion trainers claim the food rewards are actually bribes. All of this thinking is incorrect! Puppies come equipped with their natural behaviors. Behaviors that are counter‑intuitive to how people expect a puppy (or adult dog) to behave. Dog training is more than simple techniques; it is behavior modification to take what a puppy instinctively does and completely change it to what humans think are proper manners. It takes incentive to make those changes in a puppy, and that is why we use rewards. Used incorrectly, rewards can become bribes, which is probably why compulsion trainers badmouth them—because they don't know the correct process for using them. Today's Perfect Puppy column explains, "The Proper Use of Food Rewards."

Since we're on the topic of dog training, behavior modification, and good manners, did you ever think that puppy training is more than a six week puppy class? It is! Read today's Understanding Your Puppy, "More than a Six‑Week Class" to understand how to have long-term success with teaching your puppy how to be a canine you are happy to have living with you.

In the continuing series for Kids & Puppies on puppy body language, today we talk about how your puppy might use her ears to communicate her feelings. Read, "What Your Puppy is Trying to Tell You – Ears" to learn more.

Pack up some chocolate chip cookies when you're packing some puppy cookies, and take both to your neighbors' homes. In today's Socialization For Today column, "Neighbor's Yard" we suggest you ask your neighbors for the use of their yards to help socialize your puppy.

Please enjoy your Day Thirteen newsletter. The staff of is here to assist you, to help you and your puppy learn together with confidence and positive reinforcement.

Together in success,
The staff of

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