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Welcome to Week 10!

Author: Staff

Welcome to Week Ten!

"Whose Toy is This Anyway?" Does your puppy grab toys and other objects that don't belong to her? Are your kids frustrated because your puppy has chewed a favorite stuffed toy? This week's Understanding Your Puppy tells you how to prevent this. We even suggest an incentive program for your kids to keep their toys out of your puppy's reach!

Speaking of kids, in the Kids & Puppies column we continue the Clicker Training instructions so they can teach your puppy to come to them. Kids can become very frustrated when they call puppy to come, and they are ignored. Sometimes it's because the puppy has never practiced "come" with the children in the house, so the puppy doesn't know how to respond. Sometimes it's because the child has frightened or harassed the puppy so much that the puppy doesn't want to get close to kids. Sometimes it's because the kids have become frustrated and pestered the puppy with saying, "Comecomecome" or "Fidofidofido" so much that the puppy blows off their communications. Adult supervision is always necessary with kids and puppies. Helping your kids teach your puppy using gentle and effective Clicker Training will teach both of them to be successful!

Sometimes your puppy's lack of response is due to you thinking that a young puppy doesn't need training. The next thing you know, your puppy is now an independent adolescent who not only blows you off, but because you didn't train her she learned unwanted habits from other people and the environment around her. All puppies need training! Read this week's Perfect Puppy column on "Why Your Puppy Needs Training."

Does your puppy go into wild dog behavior when you have guests or a yard full of kids? Take control of that behavior and teach her when it's appropriate and when to turn it off. "Crazy Dog Halt" is this week's topic in the Training For Success column.

One tool that people overlook when bringing home their puppy is an exercise pen. Larger than a crate, an exercise pen is very helpful for keeping your puppy in a safe and large area for extended times you are away, as well as for training and socialization. "The Essential Exercise Pen" is this week's topic in Socialization For Today.

The and community is here to support you and your puppy! Please enjoy your Week Ten issue!

Together in success,
The staff of

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