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Welcome to Week 09!

Author: Staff

Welcome to Week Nine!

Did you know that not all puppies like to be teased and that you need to teach your puppy to enjoy being teased? Do any of your family or friends use cruel teasing, or persist with their teasing beyond your puppy's ability to tolerate it? Read this week's Perfect Puppy column to learn how to recognize your puppy's ability to cope with teasing and what you can do to help her.

Body blocking is an effective way to teach your puppy boundaries and how to respect them. Check out Understanding Your Puppy to learn more about how and where to use body blocking to efficiently teach her by your use of the space around her.

Have you seen your puppy crumple to the floor when you try to groom her and the vet tries to exam her? Teach her how to stand straight and still for these situations. Your vet will thank you! Teaching, "Stand for Exam" in this week's Training For Success.

Tell your kids to get ready for more Clicker Training! This week's Kids & Puppies column teach them how to train your puppy to lie down using Clicker Training.

More noise socialization using whistles, horns and other funny noises in this week's Socialization For Today!

As always, please remember that is your support team to help you and your puppy become a better team. Please enjoy your Week Nine issue!

Together in success,
The staff of

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