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Welcome to Day 11!

Author: Staff

Welcome to Day Eleven!

In today's Training For Success column, we teach to you how to help your puppy actually enjoy the feel of the leash, so she'll stop putting on the brakes! Your puppy doesn't understand the feel of the leash, made worse when you try to drag her to get her moving. First, you need to help her learn that the leash is rewarding. Second, you show her that actually moving with you while wearing the leash is also a rewarding experience!

The Understanding Your Puppy column started a series two issues ago on the Three D's of Dog Training, giving you a bird's eye view of this learning process. Yesterday's installment took an in‑depth look at the step of Duration, and how to incorporate it into your training plan. Today we continue the series with a column on how to incorporate Distractions into your training plan; read, "The Three D's of Dog Training # 3 – Distraction" to learn more.

In today's Kids & Puppies column, we start a series on how your puppy communicates with her eyes, mouth, ears, tail, fur and nose. You and your children may not understand your puppy's language, but she's always communicating with you. Today we discuss what she's communicating with her eyes. To learn more read, "What Your Puppy is Trying to Tell You – Eyes."

Responsible dog ownership is more than just bringing a puppy into your home, dumping some food and water in her bowls, and cleaning up after her accidents. There are "soft skill" responsibilities you have and we talk about what you really owe your puppy in this issue's Perfect Puppy column, "What You Owe Your Puppy."

Does someone living with you or visit your home use a wheelchair, walker, crutches or cane? Read the Socialization For Today column, "Wheelchairs, Crutches, & Canes" where we give you some quick tips to help your puppy not become fearful of the people who use this equipment.

Please enjoy your Day Eleven newsletter. The staff of is here to assist you, to help you and your puppy learn together in peace and harmony.

Together in success,
The staff of

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