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Welcome to Day 10!

Author: Staff

Welcome to Day Ten!

We hope you enjoyed the first day of "good manners" exercises, and that your puppy is now an expert with "Sit!" In today's Training For Success column, we teach you how to train your puppy on "down," as well as teaching "off," since they're actually different behaviors. When you want your puppy to put her body flat on the floor, then you teach her "down." When you want her to get off the furniture, that's when you teach her "off." Most everyone has had the experience of telling his or her puppy to get off the couch by saying "down" only to see that sweet puppy spread herself out flat on the couch! Puppy was right! What they really wanted her to do was get "off!" We'll explain the difference, with teaching instructions, in today's column, "What is Down? What is Off? What is the Difference?"

Separation anxiety is a frightening condition for your puppy, and a frustrating one for you. Before it becomes a full‑blown condition, read today's Perfect Puppy tips, "Preventing Separation Anxiety" to help you PREVENT separation anxiety from starting!

Yesterday we introduced a new column:  Kids & Puppies. Now that you and your children know the Rules of Dog Safety, today we're talking about puppy nipping and your kids. This article, "How to Prevent Puppy Nipping" is meant to be read together with the entire family, because resolving puppy nipping requires a cooperative effort between adults and kids, whether your own children, your grand kids, neighbor's, friend's and relative's kids!

The Understanding Your Pet column started a series yesterday on the Three D's of Dog Training, giving you a bird's eye view of this learning process. Today's installment, "The Three D's of Dog Training # 2 – Duration" takes an in‑depth look at the step of Duration, and how to incorporate it into your training plan. This series will continue for the next two newsletters to include the steps of Distractions and Distance.

"Your Funny Body Language!" Those things we do, like jumping, running, exercising, yelling, waving, and dancing that are normal to use, but can frighten and agitate puppies who don't understand that weird thing your body is doing! Read the Socialization For Today column, "Your Funny Body Language" where we give you some quick tips to help your puppy understand.

Please enjoy your Day Ten newsletter. The staff of is here to assist you, to help you and your puppy learn together in peace and harmony.

Together in success,
The staff of

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