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Welcome to Week 06!

Author: Staff

Welcome to Week Six!

It's week six of your puppy training! Time is flying by and she's getting more mature every day!

Last week we introduced you to Clicker Training. In this week's newsletter, we're going to apply the clicker training steps to Kids & Puppies; read, "Teaching Your Puppy to Sit" using Clicker Training. Having your kids practice with your puppy teaches your puppy how to behave around them, how your kids can safely interact with your puppy, and both of them learn how to reinforce what you've already been working on with your puppy. A good deal all around!

Start experimenting with the rewards and reinforcements we listed last week and see what works for this week's, "Direct Eye Contact" exercise in Understanding Your Puppy.

In this week's Training For Success column, "Cues to Use" there is a handy reference sheet on cue meanings and accompanying hand signals.

There are more ideas on socializing movement, and teaching your puppy how to remain calm around people and things you might not immediately think of practicing with her. Practice these while she's young! Read Socialization For Today's column "It's all About the Chase."

Your puppy makes a lot of noises that are her way of vocalizing her needs. Whining, growling, whimpering, and barking; we talk about a whole array of her noises and what they mean in this week's Perfect Puppy column, "More Than a Bark."

As always, please remember that we're here to help you raise and teach your puppy well into maturity. We are YOUR team dedicated to supporting you and your puppy. Please enjoy your Week Six issue!

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