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Welcome to Week 07!

Author: Staff

Welcome to Week Seven!

Has your child started Clicker Training with your puppy yet? Your puppy should be a pro at sitting whenever and wherever you and your family requests’ it of her.

Now that your puppy has started the FUNdamentals of Clicker Training, your child can teach her to look when your child says her name. Just like we did in the Day 2 article, "The Name Game" this time the clicker is used for your child to teach her. Kids are notorious to keep repeating a puppy’s name until the puppy just tunes them out. Not only does that undo all your hard work with the puppy, but it sets up a failing relationship between your puppy and your children. Surely your child will need to call your puppy to come to him or her, and your puppy’s response to them relies on her looking at them so they can tell her what to do. It’s vitally important for your children to practice the steps of "The Name Game" with your puppy, and you’ll find that exercise in this week's lesson in the Kids & Puppies column.

As promised in last week’s newsletter, the details on "Barking 101" can be found in this week's Perfect Puppy column.

Does your puppy follow you wherever you go? Read Understanding Your Puppy, "Hopelessly Devoted to You" to learn how to teach her self-confidence.

In Day 1 we talked about the vital need for using a crate, but have you found that your puppy has severe crate anxiety? In this week's issue of Training For Success, "Crate Anxiety" we cover crate anxiety in detail with suggested solutions.

Finally, the biggie article in Socialization For Today, "The Dog Park," the good and the not‑so‑good. You know you’ve been wondering if it’s a good idea for you and your puppy. This article will help you determine that and how to get ready for that first trip.

As always, please remember that we’re here to help you raise and teach your puppy well into maturity. We are YOUR team dedicated to supporting you and your puppy. Please enjoy your Week Seven issue!

Kind regards,
The staff of

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