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Welcome to Day 08!

Author: Staff

Welcome to Day Eight!

Have you lost your mind yet with your puppy's nipping, mouthing and chewing? Puppy teeth are sharp and painful, and puppy mouths are quick! Nips on hands, arms, noses, ears, ankles, pant legs, sweaters, and on and on and on. Hold on to your sanity, for Day 8 is your issue!

Starting with Training for Success, where we address the specific issue of nipping and what to do about it in the, "Nip Chew" article.

In Understanding Your Puppy we discuss the need for, "Structured Exercise and Play Time Rules" and how exercise will help minimize the puppy nipping. Plus we give ideas on what you can do in your home to direct your puppy's exercise to burn off excess energy. After all, a tired puppy is a calm puppy; one too tired to be grabbing you with her teeth to play!

Then there's the leash chewing issue, where she grabs the leash when you're walking either to try to pull it from your hands or to get you to play tug with her. Or, when she's wearing the leash inside the house so you have a way to get control of her, and she chews on it. There is a simple fix available at your local pet store. Read more in today's Perfect Puppy column, "Chewing and Grabbing the Leash!"

In Socialization for Today column, "Noise Socialization – Slam Some Doors" you get to take out your frustrations by slamming doors! This is actually a noise socialization exercise for your puppy, but you can get some relief from some of life's irritations at the same time. Remember, this is a fun game!

Please enjoy your Day Eight newsletter! We'd love to be your source for all things dog!

Together in success,
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Comments on Welcome to Day 08! by interch on December 12, 2013 @13:23
[ Reply ]

Re: Comments on Welcome to Day 08! by Alonzo on February 7, 2012 @23:53 [ Reply ]
Still wants to nip/bite while playing with us! Going on 5 months old, our soft-hair wheaten has won my husbands (hate dogs) heart! We're all getting along and it's been a good experience from the start! But, it's the niping! We play and get him tired...does he thinks he's loving us by nipping?

Still kennel training and still going out at night twice-3x's a night. It'll be nice when we can get a good night sleep.

I wrote and asked you we had problems with him rolling in his poo at night and thanks for a good advice. You told us to make his kennel smaller - we did and he's had a dry kennel almost every night! Yahoo!

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