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Welcome to Day 07!

Author: Staff

Welcome to Day Seven!

Do you know how different your puppy's hearing and sense of smell is from us! Do you know that people use these senses in the order of hearing, sight and smell, but your puppy uses them in the order of smell, sight and hearing? Read on, "Understanding Your Puppy's Senses" in today's Training For Success column, where the nose knows!

Since we're on the senses, how about your puppy's body language! Dogs communicate with their bodies and your puppy is no exception. Canines speak to each other primarily with body language. Knowing how to read your puppy's body language will give you the ability to understand her state‑of‑mind, as well as predicting her next move. This will give you the skill to best communicate with your puppy. Today's Understanding Your Puppy column, "Your Puppy's Body Language" gives you detailed information on how to recognize if your puppy is feeling happy, submissive, dominant, predatory and more!

Pull out your CD's, turn up the radio, plug in the iPod and introduce your puppy to every genre of music you can find! It's important that your puppy not become stressed or anxious when the timpani thunders or the heavy metal gets too heavy! If you normally listen to classical, then turn on classic rock! If you prefer new age, then fire up the military bands! Get her used to new and different musical types now to help her generalize different sounds! This is your Socialization For Today tip, "Music! Music! Music!"

Keep your puppy's food fresh and safe from contamination with a pet food storage bin. Learn more about these in, "Storing Your Puppy's Food" in today's Perfect Puppy column!

Keep practicing your eye contact and get caught up reading these newsletters, because you've got only one more day until we start good manners exercises! You'll want to know all this preparatory information we've been providing you to help you with these exercises.

Please enjoy your Day Seven newsletter! We'd love to be your source for all things dog!

Together in success,
The staff of

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