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Any Dog Can Be Trained -- Yes, Any Dog!

If you think your pup is too young, too immature, too adolescent, too stupid, too stubborn, too wild, too dominant, too ADHD to learn – she isn’t and we can help you! We can tell you why your pup does what she does, and how to change that! We not only understand canine behavior, but we are also studied in human psychology. Our job is to teach YOU how to train your puppy!

Positive reinforcement works on puppies, adult dogs, other animals, spouses, co-workers, children, family and friends! We want to help you and your family learn how to best interact with your puppy with clear, consistent communications and techniques. Members of receive a full 15 months of behavioral and training support. The MyPetTrainer newsletter contains articles on:

  • How your puppy thinks and learns, and why she does what she does at her age.
  • How to teach your puppy essential good behaviors.
  • Tips, Do’s and Don’ts that come from years of experience only a professional Positive Reinforcement dog trainer knows.
  • A detailed list and daily tips on socializing your puppy to people, places, objects, noises, textures and other animals.
  • Teaching your children proper interaction with your puppy, how to understand her and child-safe exercises to do with your puppy.

We’re all about continuing education and you’ll have access to our continuously expanding library of articles all designed to teach you how to train your pup. Furthermore, you can contact us with your individual questions and needs. Our staff of pet experts is here to help guide you to a successful relationship with your new pup, no matter her age!

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