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It’s true, you can prevent problems before they start!

It’s always easier to prevent a habit from forming than it is to change a habit that’s become deep-seated.

When you start training your puppy right away, you put yourself on the “prevent a habit from forming” path. Most of the behaviors we call “bad” are actually behaviors that are natural to your puppy. In other words, these “bad” behaviors are life skill behaviors if she was living in the wild. Nature doesn’t understand the difference between a feral (undomesticated) dog versus a companion (domesticated) dog born to live with us in our homes. Both domesticated and undomesticated dogs are born with the same behaviors, and we call these behaviors “bad” when used in our homes with our friends and family. We call them “bad” but they are normal, and the older the pup becomes the more these normal behaviors become deep-seated behaviors. When that happens you not only have to teach a new behavior, but you also have to undo a behavior that is already a learned and comfortable habit.

Prevent the habit from forming by using our positive reinforcement tips and techniques, and you’ll be making life a lot easier for you and your pup! The great thing about positive reinforcement training is that it doesn’t use any tools or techniques of fear, force or intimidation. Those tools and techniques can hurt your pup both physically and psychologically, causing fear so intense that new training can’t even be learned! Today’s positive reinforcement techniques are so humane and safe that training can be started with a puppy as young as three weeks of age. Start teaching your pup sooner than later, and you’ll be embedding the behaviors that you want!

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