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Welcome to Week 59!

Author: Staff

Welcome to Week 59!

Did you know that there is an in-depth and extensive website library with hundreds of dog training and behavior articles at Visit the library and take a look at the vast array of subjects we've covered to help you and your dog stay on the path of success!

Does stress cause your dog to whine, bark, or become destructive? Has your dog developed some fear-related issue to fireworks or other noises like the crackling of the fireplace logs? When you step outdoors, does your dog chew the nearest piece of furniture to relieve her fear? Pheromone therapy may be just what you need for your dog! Learn more about these helpful products in Understanding Your Pet, "Stress Reducing Pheromone Therapy."

When I was a kid my favorite "toy" was a big empty moving box. Hardly deprived, I had many toys, but there was something about that big empty box that fascinated me. I used it to hide under, upright as a table, behind as a fort, and dragged it as a makeshift wagon. Remember that fun when you watch your dog work at a box to get to the inside of it, especially if there is a toy or treat stuffed inside the box. Boxes are great tools to use to mentally stimulate your dog. We've got some quick and easy ideas for using packing boxes, gift boxes, baskets, bags and cardboard rolls in this week's Training For Success column, "Fun With Boxes."

Accidents happen, emergencies are always unexpected whether at home or while your traveling, so it's wise to have a first aid kit ready for your dog before you need to reach for it. Having a first aid kit "at the ready" could make the difference in the outcome of your dog's urgent care. We've got a comprehensive list of items to have on hand at home and while traveling in this week's Perfect Pet column, "First Aid Kit." and want you to have a happy relationship with your dog! We hope you enjoy your Week Fifty-Nine issue of

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