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Welcome to Week 57!

Author: Staff

Welcome to Week 57!

Did you know that there is an in-depth and extensive website library with hundreds of dog training and behavior articles at Visit the library and take a look at the vast array of subjects we've covered to help you and your dog stay on the path of success!

Teaching your dog to go to a specific spot and lie down isn't necessarily the same thing as helping your dog to relax. Here are some quick tips on helping your dog to turn her energy from tension to calm. Whether you're doing so to help her be calm around your guests, or to help her focus better on your training practice, being relaxed is a healthy state of energy. We've got some ideas for you and your dog in this week's Training For Success column, "Helping Your Dog to Relax."

Dogs aren't born aggressive. Aggression is a reaction to something fearful, triggering a dog to counter with a fear response, which may be in the form of fight or flight. Aggression should be an indicator to you that something is pushing your dog beyond stressed. And that ignoring it isn't an option and it's up to you to step in—now. Let's discuss this further in Understanding Your Pet, "Aggression – Always an Indicator Your Dog Needs Help."

Dog fur is easy to spot on the carpet or in the corners of the kitchen. Dog fur can be less obvious in other parts of your house, but cause a problem if someone has allergies. Check these areas where dog fur might be hiding. Find out in this week's Perfect Pet column, "Where is the Dog Fur Hiding in Your House?" and want you to have a happy relationship with your dog! We hope you enjoy your Week Fifty-Seven issue of

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