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Welcome to Week 53!

Author: Staff

Welcome to Week 53!

Did you know that there is an in-depth and extensive website library with hundreds of dog training and behavior articles at Visit the library and take a look at the vast array of subjects we've covered to help you and your dog stay on the path of success!

Before you reach for a bark collar, it's absolutely necessary to determine why your dog is barking. Bark collars don't work on all reasons that dogs bark, and in some cases can even worsen the barking. There are ELEVEN different reasons that will cause your dog to bark. Knowing WHY your dog is barking is an absolute necessity before putting a bark collar on your dog. Using a correction collar, whether citronella, compressed air spray or a shock collar, can cause other behavior issues if you use it on an inappropriate reason. Read more in this week's Training For Success column, "Bark Collars."

The behavior of the people around a dog can impact the dog's behavior with the potential for teaching unwanted behaviors. Then the dog gets blamed for being "bad" when the people around the dog need to change before the dog can change. Let's look at some of the common pitfalls in this week's Understanding Your Pet, "Is it the Dog's Behavior or is it Your Behavior?

Electronic, invisible, underground, shock systems, pet containment systems; so many names and all can be quite frustrating from a positive trainer's viewpoint! Too many of the electronic fence trainers believe that consequence needs to come from high intensity shocks, which is simply inhumane, and often ineffective. Many dogs end up too fearful to go outdoors from electronic fence training gone bad, developing an array of fear issues. Still, though, we need a way to contain a dog when we live in a fenceless community. We've got suggestions for you when considering an electronic fence in this week's Perfect Pet column, "Electronic Fencing."

It's another game time; today is a word scramble! All of the following statements in the game came from the Kids & Pets column. Read each statement and then unscramble the missing word. Test your knowledge in this week's Kids & Pets column with, "Unscramble the Word" and want you to have a happy relationship with your dog! We hope you enjoy your Week Fifty-Three issue of

Together in success,
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