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Welcome to Week 41!

Author: Staff

Welcome to Week Forty-One!

As we were practicing, he said to his wife, "This has been such an education for me, too. I've learned how important it is to be patient and allow him (the dog) to just learn. I used to keep pushing him and didn't understand how that was actually causing him to ignore me. Learning that 60 seconds to let him think and not pushing him; he's learning so quickly now." His wife smiled in agreement. So did this dog trainer. My client's a-ha revelation was my moment of gratification. He has watched his dog go from not listening to him, to a dog eager to learn and quickly doing so. Read more on this week's Understanding My Pet, "And Then He Had an A-Ha Moment."

Time to hit the lanes with your dog! Get out your bowling set and let's teach your dog how to bowl. Soon you'll be having your own bowling tournament in your basement! Think of how much fun you and your family and friends will have when your dog can join you. Stay away from the foul line and the gutter, and see who bowls a perfect 300! Follow this week's instructions in Kids & Pets, "Teach Your Dog How to Bowl."

Turn on Jimmy Buffet and my dogs listen intently for a few minutes and then starts to howl along with the "Cheeseburger in Paradise" singer. Just why do dogs howl? Just like barking, there are many reasons that dogs howl. Because the sound of a howl carries several miles farther than a bark, howling is generally used as a long distance communication. Howls can also be very distinctive to the dog, so other dogs recognize that howl as a familiar or as an unfamiliar dog, even from a distance. Read more about your dog's howling in this week's Perfect Pet column, "Ho... How... Howl."

Some of you may be rolling your eyes and pointing a finger at your dog telling her, "Did you hear that dogs are delightfully cooperative? What happened to you?" Your dog really wants to cooperate, but she doesn't know the rules so she doesn't know when she breaks them. The truth is, she probably doesn't care if she knows the rules (because in her world she doesn't need your rules) but she'll learn if you help her. And this is where YOU find her inner cooperation. Read this week's Training for Success column, "Dogs are Delightfully Cooperative."

We hope you enjoy your Week Forty-One issue of The staff of the and community is here to support you!

Together in success,
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