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Welcome to Week 39!

Author: Staff

Welcome to Week Thirty-Nine!

Have you ever had to try to get around your dog when she's sleeping in the hallway? You try to squeeze past her or step over her? She needs to learn to get out of YOUR way, because it's much safer if she moves rather than you stepping over her. Follow this week's instructions in Kids & Pets, "Teach Your Dog Beep Beep."

Those funny whiskers growing on your dog! On her nose, muzzle, chin and forehead! Do they serve a purpose? Yup, they sure do and it's important information she gets from those whiskers. Read more on this week's Understanding Your Pet, "Why Does My Dog Have Whiskers."

Spooky times ahead! Halloween will soon be here and what is fun for you is not always so fun for your dog. Read this week's Perfect Pet column, "Ghosts, Goblins and Your Dog" to get some tips on how to help your dog have a fun and safe Halloween.

Controversy surrounds the use of choke chains as a teaching tool for dogs. Let's take the emotion out of it and just look at the facts. Then you can decide if a choke chain is appropriate for you and your dog. Read this week's Training For Success column, "Choke Chains – Necessary or Unnecessary."

We hope you enjoy your Week Thirty-Nine issue of The staff of the and community is here to support you!

Together in success,
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