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Welcome to Week 38!

Author: Staff

Welcome to Week Thirty-Eight!

Now your dog can walk next to you, with or without using a leash! When she's next to you, she can't run up behind you and knock your over. Nor can she pull you over! Learn this and then you can teach your parents! These instructions in this week's Kids & Pets, "Teach Your Dog to Walk Next to You."

Did you ever wonder what your dog thinks about some of the things the people do? Poochy is going to share some things with you on how dogs view some of the things we humans think and do. From the way dogs get to know each other (think bum sniffing) to hugs, kisses, and pleasing humans. Poochy speaks in this week's Understanding Your Pet, "Through a Dog's Eye."

Are you reluctant to take your dog for a ride in the car because she gets sick? Read this week's Perfect Pet column, "Does Your Dog Get Sick in the Car" to get some tips on how to help your dog through her misery.

You know opinions, everyone has one. And when it comes to dog training there are plenty of sources willing to share their advice with you. From family members, friends, neighbors, co-workers, books, television and internet sources; you can be bombarded with information. Some is good, some is not so good but one thing is certain: When you try to teach your dog using a mixed bag of behavior and training information, you confuse your dog and weaken your success. Does this sound familiar? Read this week's Training For Success column, "When it Comes to Dog Training Everyone Has an Opinion."

We hope you enjoy your Week Thirty-Eight issue of The staff of the and community is here to support you!

Together in success,
The staff of

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