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Welcome to Week 36!

Author: Staff

Welcome to Week Thirty-Six!

How convenient for you to take your dog for a walk and she brings her leash to you! Then you can attach it and off you go on a walk! Learn these instructions in this week's Kids & Pets, "Teach Your Dog to Bring Her Leash."

Huh? Anthropomorphism? What the heck is it? And what does it have to do with dogs? It has a lot to do with dogs and people do it every day, multiple times every day, with their dogs! You've probably done it at least once today with your dog! It's also called personification or humanizing. Intrigued? Learn more about this in this week's Understanding Your Pet, "Anthropomorphism" and find out how it affects your dog's behavior.

Dogs will and do swallow some of the most unexpected things. Many of them toxic, all of them dangerous, causing surgery costing big bucks! Read this week's Perfect Pet column, "Think Your Dog Won't Swallow That?" to learn a list of many of these items, most of them in your own home, so you can prevent your dog from swallowing one (or more) of these items!

We humans tend to think of dog training as something we do to the dog; a set of steps we follow to teach a dog how to obey our commands. Successful training, though, is so much more. It's about your ability to understand why your dog does what she does, how to understand training steps and techniques, how to understand both the science and art of interspecies communication, and wrap these up with personality, behavior, skills and habits to create a training/teaching plan that helps her to understand and achieve your expectations. Learn tips in this week's Training For Success column, "Training:  The Gift You Give Yourself."

The staff of the and community is here to support you! We hope you enjoy this Week Thirty-Six issue of

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