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Welcome to Week 27!

Author: Staff

Welcome to Week Twenty-Seven!

A mid-day walk, one-day visit, several days at your home or in a pet sitter’s home, at some point you will likely need the services of a pet sitter. When they’re a qualified pet sitter, they’re an asset to the care your dog receives. When they’re not qualified, they can be a danger to your dog. Only you can properly qualify a pet sitter who has the expertise to correctly care for YOUR dog! This week’s Perfect Puppy column is chock-full of ways to appraise a pet sitter for your needs; read, “How to Qualify a Pet Sitter.”

Is it naptime or bedtime? Late in the evening and time to turn off the TV? Are you sleepy and is your dog sleepy? Ask her! This week’s Kids & Pets column has the steps to, “Teach Your Dog to Yawn.” In addition to using Clicker Training, this is also taught by use of “capturing a behavior” and will require your children to use observation and patience; good skills to develop for everything in life. Ask your dog, “Are you ready to sleep?” and watch her yawn in response!

Bloat (also known as torsion) in dogs is a serious, painful and potentially deadly medical condition, requiring immediate veterinary intervention. Bloat can kill your dog in a very short time, usually less than one hour. “What is Bloat?” is what we talk about in this week’s Understanding Your Puppy column. Full of easy-to-understand information on symptoms of bloat, causes and prevention of this deadly condition that affects many deep-chested breeds and breed mixes.

Another dog training technique debunked! This week, in Training For Success, we talk about holding your dog’s mouth closed as a correction technique, and why it has a long-term failure rate, as well as teaching your dog that your hands are not safe to be around her face. Read, “Holding Your Dog’s Mouth Closed” for more detailed information.

The staff of the and community is here to support YOU! We hope you enjoy learning from your Week Twenty-Seven issue of

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