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Welcome to Week 26!


Author: Staff

Welcome to Week Twenty-Six!

No mater what room your dog is in, there is something that can be of danger to her, but you are so used to seeing it that you might not think twice about it! This week’s Perfect Puppy column has a room-by-room, “Room Safety Guide” list of those things you need to watch for to prevent those costly emergency room treatments.

This week’s Kids & Pets column has the steps to, “Teach Your Dog to Catch.” Most dogs don’t have a natural ability to catch items thrown at them. Using our steps of teaching her with small and lightweight food rewards to start, you’ll soon be able to work your way up to tennis balls and flying disks!

Rocks, twigs, grass, electrical cords, molding, flooring, plastic, dirt; when your dog eats these non-food items it’s called “pica.” It can make you batty if she’s quite the grabber and chewer! Pica often stems from a digestive, endocrine, or nutritional issue. It can, also be because she’s bored, under-exercised, or wants to get your attention. We talk about, “Understanding Pica” in this week’s Understanding Your Puppy column.

One of the most used and well-appreciated behaviors is, “leave it.” We gave you the traditional instructions way back on Day 18. This week in Training For Success we give you an alternate way to teach, “leave it” that is especially effective for dogs with timid personalities, or for dogs who have not learned from the traditional steps. Only with do we give you different techniques to help you and your dog find success!

We hope you enjoy learning from your Week Twenty-Six issue of! The staff of and community is here to support you, and our team of trained experts wants to help you and your dog become a better team. Please do contact us if we can be of assistance!

Together in success,
The staff of

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