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Welcome to Week 23!


Author: Staff

Welcome to Week Twenty-Three!

Are you planning a move to a new home in the upcoming weeks or months? Start preparing your dog today to help make the move a happy time for her, too. We’ve got lots of tips for success in, “Moving to a New Home with Your Dog” in today’s Perfect Puppy column!

There are leash laws in most communities, but sometimes a dog does get loose. The dog may or may not be comfortable around children, and that one dog may run up to your child. It’s also possible that your child’s friend has a dog uneasy around other children, and one day your child may find himself or herself confronted by the dog. Let’s teach your child some basic safety guidelines around dogs not on a leash. Read this week’s Kids & Pets column, “What to do When You See a Dog off Leash.”

Good and bad... up and down... step forward, step backward... wanted and unwanted. For every behavior in all species there are two sides; what we like and what we dislike. Most every behavior that you don’t like or that you label as bad is actually your dog’s innate response; her in-born reactions. In order for her to learn to change her natural response, you first have to teach her a new response. This week, in Understanding Your Puppy, “Two Sides to Every Behavior!”

Take your mind out of your world and look at me to come into my world. That’s really what eye contact is all about – a joining of worlds. And when it comes to dog training, you want your dog to come into your world so you can teach her how to successfully behave on your turf! Successful responses to your communications with your dog start by her looking at you. And so, in this week’s Training For Success column, we talk about how, “It all Starts with Eye Contact.”

The and community is here to support you and your dog! Please enjoy your Week Twenty-Three issue of!

Together in success,
The staff of

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