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Welcome to Week 21!

Author: Staff

Welcome to Week Twenty-One!

"The Poop on Poop" is this week's Perfect Puppy column. Watch what your puppy eliminates so you can monitor the state of her health.

In this week's Kids & Puppies we have the first of a two-part series on, "Teaching Your Puppy to Play Soccer!" Lots of fun and exercise ahead!

Did you know that dogs have an issue with the color black? And nubbies and feathers? This week, in Understanding Your Puppy, we talk about why dogs react, sometimes aggressively, to the color black, as well as dogs without tails (nubbies) and feathers (on dogs, not on birds). Read more in, "Dog Vision!"

Who's In Charge? In this week's Training For Success column we talk about some behaviors to watch out for in your dog. If you see these in your dog, contact a Positive Reinforcement trainer and behavior specialist. To prevent these behaviors, remember to use the training in the Days 4 and 5 Training For Success columns on leadership.

The and community is here to support you and your puppy! We hope you find your Week Twenty-One issue to be beneficial for you and your puppy!

Together in success,
The staff of

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