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Welcome to Week 11!

Author: Staff

Welcome to Week Eleven!

You've probably heard of someone having a "bad" puppy? How does "bad" happen? Is it "nature versus nurture" or owners who just aren't tuned in? In this week's Perfect Puppy we talk about, "It's Not the Puppy, It's the People" so tune in and learn more.

Speaking of tuning in, how are you doing with your socialization exercises? Did you realize that if you got your puppy at 10 weeks old, you have approximately 42 days until her developmental socialization window closes? Only, "42 Days" which is this week's article in Socialization For Today!

We continue the Clicker Training instructions in Kids & Puppies this week with "Teaching Your Puppy to Stay." This is a fun one, kids, so get out your clickers and rewards!

"Success By Association" is this week's Understanding Your Puppy column. For two species that don't speak each others languages, or have the same behavior rules for each culture, the quickest and most successful way to teach and learn is by association. You need to become a skilled associative teacher to be a successful communicator!

Can you dig it! Your puppy sure can and there are lots of reasons why! Do you want to understand why she's digging (in your yard, in your plants, or just plain fluffing her blanket) and what to do about it? Read, "Digging Dog" in this week's Training For Success!

The and community is here to support you and your puppy! Please enjoy your Week Eleven issue!

Together in success,
The staff of

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