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Welcome to Day 17!


Author: Staff

Welcome to Day Seventeen!

Your puppy is running down the hallway with your shoe! You yell at her to drop it, she ignores you, you chase her, grab the shoe and the tug game begins! It's so much easier if you teach your puppy to "drop it." Training For Success teaches you how!

Have you tried bathing your puppy yet, only to have her hop into your arms full of soapy water? She needs to be acclimated to your bathtub, laundry tub or sink so she understands that she's safe AND its fun taking a bath! The Socialization For Today column, "The Bathtub" teaches you how to acclimate your puppy to the tub and water!

Many dogs of all ages are uncomfortable riding in the car, and worse if you have run into a store for a quick errand! Today's Understanding Your Pet column details the steps to teach your puppy how to be calm while you're driving, as well as when you run into a store and she's left alone (in good weather only, of course)!

There's no delicate way to say poop eating. Yet, it's very common in most puppies and adult dogs. Today's Perfect Pet column talks about, "Poop Eating" and gives you ideas on how to prevent and stop it.

Kids have a difficult time understanding that puppies are not stuffed animals. Your child will likely have the same challenge, and may even touch your puppy the wrong way because of misunderstanding how to properly touch and pet her. You and your child should read Kids & Puppies today so all of you understand, "How to Touch Your Puppy" and then your child can teach his or her friends. That will create safe interactions for everyone!

We hope you enjoy your Day Seventeen newsletter. Please remember that the staff of is here to assist you so you and your puppy grow together with positively perfect interactions!

Together in success,
The staff of

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