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Welcome to Week 04!

Author: Staff

Congratulations, You've Completed the First 21 Days!

Welcome to week four of your puppy training! You've completed 21 daily newsletters full of exercises, tips and teachings on Understanding Your Puppy, Training For Success good manners, hints on turning YOUR puppy into the Perfect Puppy, the vital need for Socialization with ideas to use everyday, and a special column just for your Kids & Puppies! Your puppy training toolbox is full of daily guidelines and instructions, so now you will receive these newsletters every week for the entire fifteen months of your enrollment in!

In this week's Understanding Your Puppy we talk about, "The Biggest Mistakes that People Make." These are simple, yet habitual mistakes that come up with most every puppy parent.

Have you found yourself wanting to tell your puppy to go to a specific spot? Maybe when you have visitors, or just want to read a magazine, it's great if you can tell her to, "Go to Your Spot" and she does so! And we do so in this week's Training For Success column!

While you're reading that magazine, is your puppy grabbing your shoelaces and having a great time playing with your shoes? Anyone who comes in contact with your puppy will have this genuinely frustrating experience! Read this week's Perfect Puppy and we'll teach you, "Leave my Shoelaces Alone!"

We've given you 21 days of socialization ideas, yet we're ready to keep adding to the list! Did you consider that acclimating your puppy to her crate is also socializing her? If she's not yet comfortable in her crate, read this week's Socialization For Today on, "Crate Confinement."

"One, Two, Three... 100! Ready or not, here I come!" Play hide and seek with your puppy! It's a fun indoor game, helps everyone to burn off some energy, and it's a great way to teach her to come to you! Read, "Play Hide & Seek with Your Puppy" in this week's Kids & Puppies column!

Please enjoy your Week Four issue.

Kind regards,
The staff of

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