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Welcome to Day 06!

Author: Staff

Welcome to Day Six!

Television has done an injustice to dogs, showing them happily accepting hugs from people of all ages. It causes you such surprise, then, when your child picks up your puppy and holds her in a hug. And then your puppy bites your child's nose or ears! That's because your puppy doesn't like to be hugged. They don't hug each other, and in their world the body language that most closely resembles a hug is a message of dominance. You need to teach your puppy to accept and learn to like being hugged! Read the, "Hugging Your Puppy" article in today's Perfect Puppy column.

While you're learning about hugging your puppy, take a moment to read about your puppy's eyes, how and what she sees compared to our eyes. You'll find the, "What Your Puppy Sees" article in Understanding Your Puppy.

Have you been amazed at the things your pup gets into around your house? Crawl around on the floor with your camera and you'll see things from her perspective. Your home is loaded with "stuff" that you're used to seeing, but is all never seen before to your puppy. Goodies on your coffee table, fringe on the carpet, candles, pennies, and that interesting stuff behind the entertainment center or under the computer table! Read today's Training For Success, "Supervise! Supervise! Supervise!" on supervising your puppy.

Pack up your puppy in her pet carrier or stroller and head over to your local pet store for a great place to socialize. She gets to meet new people, see new toys and experience new sights, sounds and scents! You can read more in Socialization For Today, "The Pet Store." While you're there, you can practice and observe your puppy's generalization responses that you read about in the Day 5 Understanding Your Puppy column, "Puppies Don't Know How to Generalize."

Please enjoy your Day Six newsletter! We'd love to be your source for all things dog!

Together in success,
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