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Welcome to Day 05!

Author: Staff

Welcome to Day Five!

In Day 4, we talked about how to be your puppy's leader using the, "Say Please" process. In today's Training For Success column, "More Leadership Guidance" you'll find more leadership guidance to help you convey to your puppy that you are in control of her environment. She will come to respect you as the benevolent leader, plus understand her place in your home's hierarchy, all without using force, fear or intimidation.

Grooming and examination tables are high, slippery places! Just being up there can make your puppy lose her self‑confidence, turning a normal activity into a fearful experience! You'll soon be making a trip to the vet or the groomer, so help her prepare for those "highly elevated" experiences by following the steps in the Socialization For Today column.

Have you asked your puppy to do something and she looks at you with the blank deer‑in‑the‑headlights look? Think she's being stubborn, possibly stupid? It's more likely that she just doesn't understand what you want her to do in that particular environment. Learn more in today's Understanding Your Puppy column, "Puppies Don't Know How to Generalize."

Today's Perfect Puppy column "Your Puppy's Toys" gives you some quick hints and guidelines for your puppy's toys.

Please enjoy your Day Five newsletter! We'd love to be your source for all things dog!

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