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Welcome to Day 03!

Author: Staff

Welcome to Day Three!

Does your puppy make eye contact with you now that you've practiced the Name Game? If not, make the time to start teaching her this today because it will help toward success with all your other training activities with your puppy! You'll find this exercise in Day 2, Training For Success.

Let's get started on Day Three! There is a lot of discussion on both sides of the fence on the subject of dominance your role as the "alpha dog," as well as the use of the "alpha roll" in establishing leadership with your puppy. In spite of what you may hear from well‑intended friends or from TV, the "alpha dog" and "alpha roll" is not only outdated behavioral psychology, but it's also been debunked by the scientists and researchers who originally recommended it! The study of animal behavior reinvents and improves itself on a daily basis, as researchers learn more and refine theories that were once considered proper. Based on new scientific information, today there are better and more successful training theories, concepts and techniques. The information we provide you on an ongoing basis will teach you more and more of today's training methodology, starting with, "The Dominance Saga … The Alpha Role" in today's Training For Success column.

In today's Understanding Your Puppy column, "Why "No" Isn't Enough" we discuss why just saying, "no" to your puppy does not teach her what you want her to do. You must also teach her what you want in order for your training to be successful.

To keep your puppy safe, today's Perfect Puppy column, "Poisonous & Toxic Plants for Puppies" gives you a list of often‑overlooked household items that are too often in reach of your puppy. Plus, we've added a couple of ideas to your socialization schedule in the Socialization For Today column "In the Kitchen/ School Bus Stop."

Please enjoy your Day Three newsletter!

Together in success,
The staff of

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