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Welcome to Day 02!

Author: Staff

Welcome to Day Two!

The first couple of days with your new puppy can be a joyful, rewarding, sweet and sometimes stressful experience. We understand, because all of us at have had the same experiences with our puppies, and will do so again when we bring more furry companions into our homes. We have and will continue to walk in your shoes, so our experiences can benefit you and your puppy!

Acclimating your puppy to her crate right from the start will help keep her safe and help you keep your sanity. You'll find this article along with house training steps in Day 1. Remember, too, that your puppy won't understand the feel of her collar and leash, and she'll accept them much more quickly if you help her get used to them with our tips in Day 1. Take a look at the, "Puppy Checklist" article to be sure that you're prepared with all the necessary items to help you care for your new puppy.

Have you chosen a name for your puppy yet? If not, today is a good time to pick one so you can start to teach her strong eye contact. If you use, "The Name Game" exercise in today's Training For Success column, you'll be able to quickly teach her to look at you when you say her name.

All of the teaching in is based on the Positive Reinforcement methodology, and we discuss this in both yesterday and today's Understanding Your Puppy column "Positive Reinforcement vs Why‑Don't‑We‑Train‑like‑We‑Used‑To?" There is verifiable science behind Positive Reinforcement training (for all species), and because it's safe and highly effective you can start training your puppy today rather than waiting until she's physically and psychologically old enough to accept compulsion training that can cause her fear.

Remember, too, the vital importance of socializing her to people, places, objects, textures and other animals before she is 16 weeks old. Every day we're providing you with socialization tips in the Socialization For Today column; easy and achievable tasks to help your puppy be a calm citizen in her world. Read more on "Introduce Your Puppy to Neighbors & Car Rides" in the Socialization For Today column.

The Perfect Puppy column is an array of tips, reminders, suggestions, guidelines, and strategies to help you build understandable communication, prevent problems, strengthen your relationship with your puppy, and keep your puppy safe. Read on how to, "Be a Leader Not an Alpha" in today's Perfect Puppy column!

We hope you enjoy your Day Two newsletter!

Together in success,
The staff of

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Comments on Welcome to Day 02! by interch on August 1, 2022 @11:15
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Re: Comments on Welcome to Day 02! by David on August 1, 2022 @11:16 [ Reply ]
This article states things that are covered in day 1 but nothing is covered in day 1. Nothing at all, no training just an introduction

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