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Welcome to Day 01!

Author: Staff

Congratulations on Your New Puppy!

Welcome to our community and to your first newsletter of A new addition to the family is very exciting, and also requires your time, patience, and understanding. You may have many questions and feel in need of guidance. That's what we're here for! is your essential puppy training newsletter and website, designed to present you with detailed and expert information to ensure you and your puppy start on the right foot! We're here to help YOU succeed with your new puppy!

Over the next 21 days we'll help you through your journey with your new puppy by sending you a daily newsletter of Every day you'll receive columns on:

  • Training For Success  –  How to teach your puppy essential good behaviors.

  • Understanding your Puppy  –  How your puppy thinks and learns, and why she does what she does at her age.

  • Socialization For Today  –  Proper socialization is vital for your puppy to be comfortable in the world, and we'll give you a detailed list of those people, places, things, noises, textures, and animals you need to expose her to, along with day‑to‑day reminders.

  • Perfect Puppy Tips  –  Tips, Do's and Don'ts that come from years of experience only a professional positive reinforcement dog trainer knows.

After you've had the opportunity to get to know your puppy and start to teach her for several days, you'll then also receive a column for your children!

  • Kids & Puppies  –  Teaching your children proper interaction with your puppy, how to understand her, and exercises your family can do to help teach her.

And the help doesn't stop at 21 days! We're all about continuing education for you and your puppy, and after the first 21 days, we'll be sending you newsletters every week up to 15 months to help you as your puppy matures. Additionally, you'll have access to our library of articles all designed to teach you how to train your puppy. We've got you surrounded for success!

We're confident you'll learn new information about your puppy, from, and invaluable instruction to help the two of you become skilled together so you get the utmost joy from being a proud puppy parent! Congratulations on your new furry friend!

Together in success,
The staff of

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Comments on Welcome to Day 01! by interch on July 18, 2023 @08:59
[ Reply ]

Re: Comments on Welcome to Day 01! by Richard on April 19, 2016 @10:22 [ Reply ]
Thank you. I am looking forwarding to reading these articles and am feeling confident with all this added information.
Re: Comments on Welcome to Day 01! by Anonymous on July 18, 2023 @08:59 [ Reply ]
How am I supposed to train my puppy without videos?

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