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Puppy Checklist

Puppy Checklist

Author: Staff

Here is a list of those items you'll want when you bring home your new puppy. Your pet professional can help you select the best items from this list:

  • Crate
  • Washable kennel pad for the crate
  • Water bottle for the crate
  • Food and water bowls
  • Six foot flat leash for potty training and walking
  • Flexible leash if you need to exercise your puppy with it because your yard isn't fenced
  • Collar
  • Name tag
  • Toys that can be stuffed with food or sterilized bones, squeaky toys, balls, ropes and fleece toys
  • Soft treats for training
  • Chews such as bully sticks
  • Puppy food
  • Bed for outside the crate
  • Cleaning supplies for potty accidents
  • Potty pads or litter box if you are training your puppy to eliminate inside your home or on a deck/patio
  • Baby gates in case you need to confine your puppy to a room with a tiled floor for easy cleanup
  • Exercise pen
  • Grooming supplies such as shampoo, brush, comb, nail clippers and styptic powder
  • Pooper-scooper and bags
  • Bitter Apple or other bittering product to discourage inappropriate chewing on various items, such as leash

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Comments on Puppy Checklist by interch on September 26, 2015 @11:38
[ Reply ]

Re: Comments on Puppy Checklist by Jim on September 11, 2010 @12:56 [ Reply ]
"puppy food" I think is too broad of a statement. It does not encourage people to think about the type of food they get. I am sure that your circle of professionals will agree that an educated caregiver would much prefer to keep their new family member on a healthy / healthier diet should one be exposed to brand x versus brand y or z. Maybe there could be some guideline to follow as to choosing a better food as opposed to just getting some "puppy food".
Re: Comments on Puppy Checklist by Anonymous on May 11, 2011 @23:57 [ Reply ]
What do you mean by flexible leash for outdoor exercise? How often should you shampoo a puppy?
    Re: Comments on Puppy Checklist by Richard on May 12, 2011 @12:04 [ Reply ]
    A flexible leash is also referred to as a Training Lead. These are typically available in a 6', 15', 20', and 30' at any local pet store.
Re: Comments on Puppy Checklist by Nelida on September 26, 2015 @11:39 [ Reply ]
Thank you for the checklist. Very helpful
Re: Comments on Puppy Checklist by BONNIE on January 5, 2012 @09:23 [ Reply ]
I also thought "not" to wash my puppy, especially in these winter months?! He only is 3/4 lb. @9 1/2 weeks old?
Re: Comments on Puppy Checklist by Courtney on October 8, 2012 @15:39 [ Reply ]
What is bitter apple? Like literally a bitter apple?
    Re: Comments on Puppy Checklist by SAMANTHA on October 29, 2012 @00:09 [ Reply ]
    Bitter Apple is a spray you can buy at Pet Shops. It tastes horrible to (most) dogs and helps them stop from biting and chewing your items. Although my husky loved the taste :/
Re: Comments on Puppy Checklist by Anonymous on December 20, 2012 @22:58 [ Reply ]
In reply to the Sept 2010 post that a specific puppy food should be suggested/listed, I felt that everything on the list is recommended & for us to research/ask if we don't know. Just as I'm sure the creators of this article can't endorse any particular pet products, nothing on the list gives a specific brand or suggestion/recommendation. It is simply just a list! Lastly, the introductory sentence clearly states that "your pet professional can help you select the best items from the list." In my own opinion though, sometimes it is just trial and error. Every pet/puppy likes something different- whether it is "good" for them or not, recommended by your pet store, veterinarian or on the shelf and least expensive at your local grocery store. Our puppy always ate her food each day, once hungry enough. Moist food packets sprinkled on top of dry food was her favorite for most of her first year. We occasionally bought a different brands of food/flavor. We quickly realized her favorite became Purina Beneful- dry food with most middles & thus required us to not have yup buy the extra moist foods to sprinkle on top. I want what's good for my dog & what's good to her. Hope this info helps others. :) -Mommy to Snowball, an 11.5 mo. Pekechon, 5 kids, 3 cats, 3 hamsters, 4 hermit crabs & wife to 1 retired sailor. O:)
Re: Comments on Puppy Checklist by ALLISON on July 23, 2014 @19:42 [ Reply ]
Very good list.
Re: Comments on Puppy Checklist by ALLISON on July 23, 2014 @19:44 [ Reply ]
Very good list.

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